Martin Stahl, Ph.D.


Martin Stahl is passionate about bringing together the diverse mix of talents and disciplines required for successful drug discovery. He is a drug hunter covering a uniquely broad and deep range of expertise, with a particular interest in coaching and decision quality in highly complex research environments.

Martin joined LifeMine from Roche, where he held a variety of scientific leadership roles over a period of 25 years. He began his career as a computational chemist and over the years led his team to world class reputation in this space. Subsequently, he has held a variety of leadership positions in medicinal chemistry, in immunology, in portfolio management and in research technologies. Moreover, he has built program management for the small molecule research portfolio, and he has led a diverse array of global initiatives, shaping culture, infrastructure and data science at Roche. Most recently, he has been Global Head of Lead Discovery, an organization comprising biophysics, biostructure, biochemistry, cell engineering, assay development and screening capabilities.

A chemist by training, Martin has published widely on molecular design and has been a recipient of an ACS National Award for Computers in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is an advisory board member of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, and editorial advisory board member of ChemMedChem, and he has been a Trustee of the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre.

Martin studied chemistry at The University of Freiburg and at The Julius Maximilians University in Würzburg, Germany, and obtained a Ph.D. in computational chemistry from The Philipp University of Marburg.