Mining the Medicines of Life


Human genomics and the understanding of disease are undergoing a rapid transformation.

The traditional “bottom-up” approach to drug discovery is not best equipped to translate these unprecedented insights into the next wave of new medicines.

Reimagining drug discovery to develop next-generation therapeutics at scale

LifeMine is pioneering a bold new approach, Top-Down Drug DiscoveryTM, which leverages evolutionary insights from fungi to unearth next-generation precision medicines.

Through our data-immersive and technologically expansive discovery engine, we are bringing sophisticated medicines to patients in urgent need of breakthrough disease intervention.

The forefront of
drug discovery innovation

Our team of data scientists, drug hunters and developers, engineers, and company builders are pushing the boundaries of science to explore an uncharted area of drug discovery.

Data-immersive. Patient focused.

We are uniquely positioned to discover mechanistically and structurally novel precision medicines against high-impact disease targets faster than ever before. Our initial pipeline programs are focused in organ transplantation and antifungals: two areas waiting to be revolutionized with better medicines.

Join Our Expedition

Backed by leading life sciences investors, LifeMine is a fast-growing company. We are looking for top talent who share in our passion for groundbreaking science and commitment to advancing next-generation precision medicines.

Cambridge, MA
Gloucester, MA
Basel, Switzerland

Global sites. Global impact.

With a global presence to support LifeMine’s mission, our headquarters are in Cambridge, Massachusetts and supported by our two additional offices in Gloucester, MA and Basel, Switzerland.