Edward Hu, M.B.A.

Board Member

Mr. Edward Hu is currently the Co-CEO at WuXi AppTec. With experience in operations, financial management, capital markets, global business expansion, merger and acquisitions and venture investments, Mr. Hu has demonstrated his leadership in building and growing global businesses.

Since he joined WuXi in 2007, Mr. Hu has served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer, and later Chief Financial Officer and Chief Investment Officer. Over the past decade, he has scored significant achievements in WuXi’s rapid development. Mr. Hu was elected to WuXi’s Board of Directors in March 2016.

Prior to WuXi, Mr. Hu served as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Tanox. His earlier career spanned at Biogen and Merck respectively. Mr. Hu has an MBA and Master’s degree in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University.